Special Guests


Awatef Soboh is one of the youngest hijabi influencer and stylist in Lebanon. A pharmacist who has a well experienced skills and vision to create and mix what she thinks about .


"Aydha Mehnaz is a creative consultant with over 3 years of experience in digital and fashion marketing. She started Minazification in 2013 as an outlet through which she expresses her interests in fashion via which she regularly collaborates with fashion and lifestyle labels to offer consultancy that balances strategic thinking and creativity."


One of the pioneers of Modest fashion in Russia,Modest Fashion Expert, Designer, Fashion stylist, Style Coacher, Consulting, lecturing and writing articles about modest fashion for mainstream and modest fashion industry. Islam-Afisha.ru columnist


"One of famous public figure in Egypt. She is a Doctor, Nutritionist, Certified Spinning Instructor & Social Media Influencer. Highly effective change agent with a history of building influence in the areas of nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices. Realist who aligns healthy lifestyle strategies with business goals and works diligently to educate the public. She appears constantly in TV.  "


She is a mother of three adorable daughters, Clinical Nutrition Specialist (MD) and lifestyle influencer. Masters in nutrition and public health holder.Preparing her (PhD) degree in therapeutic nutrition.Very passionate about nutrition and health.Her most important goal is to empower the community and continue contributing to the nutrition and health field with high quality content.


Elnaz is a fine arts major turned makeup artist from the United States now in Dubai.Working as a celebrity makeup artist and having private beauty workshops for UAE's royal families. Elnaz has definitely made a presence for herself in the Dubai beauty world. More recently starting on her own beauty products that are currently in the pipe line, Pineapple.


"Turkish influencer and design consultant Esra Sezis Kigili is one of the highly engaged hijabi bloggers in Turkey. "


She is an aspiring Muslim model.In today’s world it’s hard to do so but it’s also achievable, with hard work, dedication, and determination, you will be able to rise up and achieve your goals and dreams. She started out as a model for makeup, and was then found by Muslim fashion brands, to model their clothing.


Fatumina is an award-winning Doctoral candidate at UCL working in the area of Regenerative Medicine of the Heart. she is an entrepreneur with her successful henna-art business 'hennabyfatumina', model, fashion influencer, journalist and public speaker. Fatumina is also involved in the music scene


Habiba Da Silva is a 23 year-old international influencer based in the United Kingdom with over a million followers on social media. She is well known for her videos on beauty, fashion and relatable subjects on YouTube. She has newly launched her first business venture which aims to represent her essence.


"One of the most respected hijabi figure this day. The first hijabimodel that is signed by IMG models. She walked for Kanye West and Missoni in New York Fashion Week & Milan Fashion Week. She is on the cover Of Vogue Arabia and Allure USA. "


Hasna B, a French Moroccan blogger/youtuber base in Singapore and a mother of two lovely twins. She has a master in education and Health and very passionate about fashion, beauty and travelling. She wants to empower women that they can look beautiful and confident even when wearing the hijab.


Ines Sebiane is a media entrepreneur hybrid based in Dubai. She started working in the media at the age of 13 as a TV presenter and producer.With her 15+ experience in the field she took part in creating award winning digital content and videos for International Brands.


"Isra is a campaigns and advocacy expert, social justice activist, and public speaker. She serves as a Campaigns Advisor at one of the leading international organizations in the world, where she uses her expertise in developing and implementing national campaigns focused on humanitarian issues facing society today, including the global refugee crisis. "


"Leena Asad is one of the biggest style influencer from USA. Muslim American/Palestinian living in Texas. She is actually a Labor and Delivery Nurse with dreams of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. She share fashion inspiration, health and beauty tips, her worldly travels, and advice through her life experiences. "


"Manal Rostom is someone who has achieved many firsts for Arab and Egyptian women, from being the first Hijabi woman to be featured in an international Nike campaign, to being the first Egyptian woman to run the Great Wall Marathon. Now she’s setting her sights on being the first Egyptian woman to scale Mount Everest. "


Mariah Idrissi is the world’s first hijab wearing model to be signed to feature in a global campaign for H&M late 2015. As well as a model she is an international public speaker promoting female empowerment and part of a growing movement promoting modesty to the masses regardless of faith or background.


Marwa Hassan, 24 years old, Graduated from faculty of commerce English section in Cairo, Egypt. She started as a hijab fashion blogger/ designer on social media five years ago to improve the hijab in her country and trying to make it in a modern way.


Melanie Elturk is the CEO of Haute Hijab (hautehijab.com), an online retailer for modest fashion. One of most famous brand from USA. Melanie writes in many media, one of them is Elle USA. Melanie has propelled Haute Hijab with a loyal following and Dynamic social media presence.


"She is a fashion designer and creative director. One of LEBDIRI Sisters.  She founded her label ""Mizaan"" right after graduating from German fashion design college seven years ago. Since 2012 she has released over a dozen collections.  Meriem is considered as Most famous modest fashion designer in Germany. Meriem constantly speaking in mainstream medias to represent modest fashion. "


"Murcyleen Perzada is one of the first abaya designer from India. She has career background in Bollywood industry and has great network with the biggest stars in India. Murcyleen has been invited to many big events in India and Dubai to speak about women empowerment. "


"One of leading names in  UK. She is the Host of BBC documentary series Hipsters Hijabi  both in UK and USA. "


Omaya Zein is a US YouTuber and beauty blogger. She is half Palestinian, half Venezuelan and a global modest fashion influencer. She inspires women for her versatile and feminine sense of style.

Rabia Z

Rabia Z. is a renowned, successful, world class multi-award winning fashion entrepreneur & designer and is hailed a global pioneer in modest fashion women’s wear by CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Business of Fashion (BoF.com), Bloomberg amongst others. She is respected as an authority in the industry and continues her passion to mentor designers all over the world.


Rene Borisova is one of the original supermodels in the UAE. Born in Bulgaria, This exotic beauty started her career at a young age before settling down in Dubai. She’s also the face of Coca Cola for the Middle East region, has done numerous endorsements for various high end brands & graced magazine covers. Rene is a favourite with most designers in the region.


An online retailer for modest fashion, one of most famous brands from Jordanian / Russian. She is a Modest Fashion Expert, Designer, Fashion stylist and Style coach.


Bangladeshi fashion & beauty blogger based in London. With over 700k followers across her social media. Rumena loves to wear sari's, dresses & urban outfits.


"One of young modest fashion designer in Dubai. Safiya is team up with Lindsay Lohan to create LOHAN brand. Currently Safiya is mentioned by Vogue Arabia as modest fashionmuse along with other famous figures. "


Living by the motto "love what you do," Sandi Ismail's journey as a radio host in Kuwait began in 2009 and was solidified when she joined RKFM 99.7 in 2010 as the host of The Night Ride. When she's not on the airwaves, Sandi is a lifestyle blogger, TV binge-watcher, and fashion enthusiast.


Her Excellency Sara Al Madani is a well-known fashion designer, Restaurant Owner and entrepreneur. In 2014, she was selected by His Highness Sheikh D.r Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi as a board member at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, making her the youngest on the board.


Sara Mouslli is one of the examples of how every women can create perfect things when she put her mind to it. As an interior designer, she ended up creating the line @ESCARVIO and getting pretty successful in it. She also is a fashion beauty influencer.


"Selma Lebdiri is the younger one of the #LEBDIRISISTERS and the media head of LEBDIRI STUDIOS, where she directs fashion films and leads the media productions of the agency.  In the very first stages of her communication design studies, she founded her own street-wear label UMMAHBRAND  "


"Soha Taha known as Soha MT on social media is an Egyptian style influencer living in the UAE. Soha pioneered the modest fashion style blog wave in the region and has since garnered a reputation of being one of the most influential fashion voices, which inspired her to be a business owner to her Fashion line “SohaMT collection” "

Tülin Şahin

Tülin Şahin is a Turkish international supermodel. She was named one of the 50 best and most beautiful models in the world by Allure Magazine in 2016, and remains the first and only Turkish supermodel to star in global campaigns for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Tommy Jeans, Pandora, Marc O’Polo, H&M, and C&A. She is also the face of Turkey’s global tourism drive.